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Bypass Modules

What is a Bypass Module?

Most vehicles made since 1999 have a factory passive antitheft system in their vehicles. This takes the form of either an RFID chip in the key, a resistor in the key cylinder, or both. These systems prevent the vehicle's fuel, starter or ignition system from activating unless it recognizes that a programmed key is in the ignition.

In their most basic form, a remote car starter is “hot wiring” your car in a very precise and controlled way.  If the car does not detect the signal from the key, your remote starter will fail to start the car.

How Do You Get Around This?

There are a multitude of devices that are available to bypass this issue during remote starting.  These devices fool the car into believing that the key is present.  It is important to note that this is only happening during the remote start cycle.  We do not, in any way, remove the protection that the transponder key provides.  We simply bypass it during the start cycle.


Universal data immobilizer bypass module. Web-programmable for over 1800 vehicle models from 1997 to..

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