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Mobile Video

Mobile video is important for keeping your kids or passengers entertained on those long trips. Having a built-in video unit installed in your dash, roof or headrests will make your drive easier, quieter, and everyone will be happy. It also eliminates the clutter of wires and straps or mounts that personal video players make it so easy to trip over or break. Get that clean, factory installed look. Increase the value of your car. Get a durable mobile video unit from us and enjoy your family road trips again.

We currently stock our overhead units in 9", 11.2" and 12.1" widescreen. Each video unit will come with 2 sets of infrared wireless headphones, wireless remote, and built-in FM transmitter. Tan and gray are also available via special order.

All our prices include installation labor


12.1" Flipdown & Swivel Widescreen Monitor, Built in DVD Screen Resolution: 1280 X 800 Wirel..

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