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Avital 3100L Security with Keyless Entry

  • Brand: Avital
  • Product Code: 3100L
  • Availability: In Stock


The Avital 3100 (3100L) security system will wrap your vehicle in protection, with the most sophisticated electronic technologies available today, including the Stinger® DoubleGuard® shock sensor, Revenger® six-tone siren and Failsafe® Starter Kill. This state-of-the-art system also offers in-demand convenience feature like keyless entry.

Remote/Alarm/Keyless Features
Communication 1-way
Range Up to 250ft
Remotes Included One 4-button Remote
SmartStart Capable No
Remote Features Lock, Unlock, Trunk Release
Alarm Features Starter Kill Relay, 120dB siren, impact(shock) sensor, door pins, Warn-Away, optional hood/trunk pins
Additional Remotes $35

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