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Boyo VTR113 Full HD dash cam

  • Brand: Boyo
  • Product Code: VTR113
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Compact full HD dash cam with 2" TFT LCD display for viewing and playback

DVR Modes: The Boyo VTR113 Dash Cam DVR offers three DVR modes.

  • Live Recording: In this mode, when the vehicle is turned on, the VTR113 will automatically turn on and start to record video (AVI format) in segments. You can choose from 2 minute, 5minute or 10 minute segments. Once a memory card is full, it will overwrite old files and continue to record. Video can be recorded at 1920x1080 (FHD), 1280x720 (HD), or 640x480 (VGA) @ 30fps (high-quality video) or 1fps (higher memory capacity). Video can also be date stamped.
  • Photos: Photo Mode allows you to manually take snap-shots of what's ahead of you. In Photo mode, you can select between 3 resolutions - 5M (2592x1944), 2M (1920x1080), and 1.2M (1280x960). Photos are recorded as JPEG images. Photos can be date stamped.
  • Standby Mode: Standby Mode is when the unit is powered on, but out of recording mode for video or photos.

DVR Options: The Boyo VTR113 Dash Cam DVR offers several additional DVR features which aid in video recording.

  • G-Sensor: This feature works only while the unit is in Live Recording mode. With the G-Sensor activated, if the VTR113 it senses impact, it will save and lock the video file. The G-Sensor's sensitivity can be set to Low, Medium, High, or Off.
  • Parking Monitor: This feature only applies when the VTR113 is powered constantly. When the VTR113 senses impact while parked it will record video for a preset duration and then turns off automatically. If it is triggered by another impact thereafter, it will restart the process again. The Parking Monitor's sensitivity can be set to Low, Medium, or high. The record time can be set to 1 minute, 2 minutes, or continuous upon impact.
  • Standby Delay: This feature only applies with the use of the OBDII connector. Standby Delay lets your record for an additional length of time after turning off the vehicle. The car must be turned off while the unit was in recording mode for this feature to take effect. Standby Delay recording can be set to 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or Off.

Built-in Microphone: The Boyo VTR113 Dash Cam DVR features a built-in mic that lets you record audio inside the car during Live Recording mode.

microSD Card: The Boyo VTR113 records all video, still images, and audio to microSD/SDHC (there is not built-in memory) The VTR113 is fitted with a microSD card slot and comes with an 8GB microSD memory card. The unit supports Class 6 and up microSD/SDHC memory cards (up to 32GB).

2.0" LCD Screen: The Boyo VTR113 features a 2.0" TFT LCD screen for live video recording, photos, and playback. You can have the unit's LCD backlight turn off automatically after a preset time length (10 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds).

On-Screen Menu: The unit features an on-screen menu for setup. You can choose from different text languages for the unit's on-screen menu. Select English, French, Spanish, Deutsch, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Nederland, Chinese (traditional/simplified), or Japanese.

Mounting Options: There are two ways to mount the Boyo VTR113 inside the front of your vehicle - either using the including suction-cup windshield mount or the self-adhesive mount. Once installed, both mount allow you to adjust the angle of the camera up/down and swivel it left or right.

  • Suction-Cup Mount: You can use the included suction-cup bracket to mount the Dash Cam DVR onto your vehicle's windshield. There is a locking lever which allows you to secure and remove the Dash Cam DVR from your vehicle's windshield.
  • Self-Adhesive Mount: If you prefer to permanently mount the Dash Cam DVR inside your vehicle, use the included bracket and two-sided tape to secure the unit to a clean flat surface in the front of your vehicle.

  • Package includes:
    • Mounting and hard wiring for a professional installation
    • 8 GB microSD memory card
    • vehicle power adapter
    • OBDII power adapter
    • USB to micro USB cable
  • video resolution: 1080p, 720p, 480p
  • video format: MJPG
  • photo resolution: 5, 2, and 1.2 megapixel
  • internal microphone for audio recording
  • built-in speaker for playback
  • selectable recording intervals: 2, 5, 10 minutes, and off
  • low-illumination recording for night use
  • parking monitor mode: selectable 1 or 30 frames per second
  • G-sensor incident detection
  • date and time stamp
  • accepts microSD memory cards (up to 32GB, above class 6)
  • 2-1/2"W x 1-15/16"H x 1"D
  • warranty: 1 year

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