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Rostra Cruise Control System


*Cruise available for almost any vehicle via special order. Please contact us for availability and a price quote before purchasing.

Set your speed at the touch of a button! Once selected, a Global Cruise® cruise control system constantly measures changes in engine loading and vehicle speed in order to maintain a set speed on the highway. Easily set the controls and avoid unintended speeding. To slow down or accelerate, you don't even have to touch the pedal. While column-mounted stalk control switches are available, dashboard or steering wheel-mounted wireless RF switches provide same functionality wherever it's most convenient!

Designed to work with any vehicle incorporating the use of a mechanically-operated throttle, a Rostra Universal Cruise offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to adding a cruise control system to your vehicle. Whether you're restoring a classic hot-rod, prepping the family minivan for holiday traveling or looking to save on the cost of fuel for your motorhome, a universal cruise control from Rostra is the only way to go!

Set Speed
Coast/Reduce Speed
Resume/ Accel
Tap-Up, 1 MPH per tap
Tap-Down, 1 MPH per tap
Controlled Resume Rate
Manual or Automatic Transmission

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